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What kind of career is it when you design things like home decor?

Like, for instance, the designers of items at Ikea. The people who design the furniture, decorations, etc... what are those people called? How do you get into that type of career? i thought an interior designer just picked out things and decorated? I want to design the things they pick out...


  1. Interior Designer
  2. Its called Interior Design. Check to see if your local community college or university have the courses you can take.
  3. Might be called a furniture designer. Still could be in the same group of classes for interior designing, though. Check the design/drafting couses at your local community college, or ask to speak to an advisor about it.
  4. See if IKEA, or similar stores you admire, has an intern program in their manufacturing and design division. Also consider companies that make lamps and other decor like Uttermost. You need to get in to the manufacturing and production end, even at the basic level. Frankly, with the economy and the lack of customers for home furnishings, this is not the best of times. But be inspired by the fact that someone like Jonathan Adler can have a store on Fifth Ave in NYC with just his designs in it. Look him up on the internet. For every person that tells you that you can't do something, there should be at least one person that says you can. Let me be that person. Go succeed!! Custom furniture and accessories will always sell well because the rich always seem to have money. Aim high.