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what is the best paint to use on a wall for murals?

I'd like to paint something in my home but I'd like it to be kid safe, easy to clean and not so smelly. Help plz. =) Thanks


  1. You could use either latex wall paint, or acrylic paint (artist grade, craft acrylic, or both) or any combination of latex and acrylic. First, decide what you want to paint and what colors you'll need. If a large area of the painting is to be a single color, you could buy a pint or quart of latex in that color ... remember that you can lighten/darken small batches of the color just by adding varying amounts of black and/or white. For the rest of the painting, your best (and cheapest) bet will be craft acrylics. You can buy them at any craft store or even Walmart ... there are various brands but most large craft stores will have at least one of the brands on sale (2 for a buck, or something like that) each week. They come in loads of colors, too. Again, you can lighten or darken with black or white, so be sure to pick up a larger container of white (you'll use more) and a small bottle of black. If you feel comfortable mixing your own colors, all you REALLY need is red, blue, yellow, white and black. You could use artists' acrylics (if you can afford to!) ... the colors are extremely durable and vibrant, and they have a thicker, creamier consistency than the craft acrylics. You can buy these at craft stores or art supply stores. I warn you, though ... if you've never worked with artists' acrylics ... they are ADDICTING! And it can get pretty pricey. If you go with craft acrylics (I would), you can protect the finished mural by applying 2 coats of sealer once the paint dries. These are available in matte, satin, semigloss, and high gloss finishes. Both latex and acrylic are water-based, non-toxic, kid-safe, and durable. Have fun!