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what exactly is a wall mural?

i've seen some for kids room, what is the material and is it difficult to place it on the wall?any experiense?


  1. Well, a wall mural is a painted design. Either hand painted or specialty wall paper. I would suggest a professional either way. Good luck
  2. mu'ral adj. pert. to, or placed on, a wall. --n. a painting or photograph directly on or covering a wall.
  3. Most wall murals are scenic paintings that are painted directly on an entire wall. Some themes are the Wild West (wth cowboys and horses), Pirate Land (with ships and pirates), Jungle Land (with vines, trees, and big cats), Space World (with planets and stars), and Fantasy Land (with castles and enchanted forests). If you are artistic, you can paint a scene yourself; if not, then an artisitc friend or a paid artist can do it. I have seen canvas murals that can be attached to walls. There are precut holes at the top of the mural protected with grommets. The canvas scenes can be held up with nails through the holes. I have also seen themed wallpaper, but that is too big of a job and hard to put up. Some craft stores have sets of stencils that can be used to create a theme. Hope that helps a little.
  4. It is a painting that usually covers the entire wall. They can be very nice or very ugly, depending on how well it's done and who painted it.
  5. they are ugly..
  6. It's just a large painting on the wall/
  7. It is a design painted directly on the wall,but today's art covers wall mounted panels as murals also,and some fabric designs also can be a mural.Yes they usually run on the high side expense wise.