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Can one paint copies of Disney Characters on walls as murals?

I have a friend who copied some Disney characters onto my kids bedroom wall. They're so good I think he should do it professionally. He can obviously copy just about anything, but says he isn't much good doing his own work. We suggested he approach hospitals and schools to see if he could paint cartoon characters on their walls, but aren't sure how to find out whether or not this is an infringement of any copyright laws. Obviously don't want to do anything illegal. This is in the UK by the way.


  1. Disney characters are copyrighted worldwide. If this is done for money, it maybe illegal as Disney isn't making any money off of it. In most cases, a product has to be licensed. The safest thing to do would be to contact the Disney people & ask them.
  2. The Disney Gestapo is international and will not hesitate to strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.
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  4. Painted on a private home's walls is questionable if it was done for money. Painting them on walls in public spaces like hospitals, schools, restaurants simply can't be done without Disney permission and they will not give it. Besides, I think it would be inappropriate in a school anyway.