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How fast do kids usually grow out of their themed rooms?

I need to get my 2 year old a bed and was thinking about doing a disney cars theme. Before i went crazy and spend money on room decor and a cars bed, i just wanted to know about how long kids usually stay interested in stuff like this. My son LOVES cars, but im afriad hes going to grow out of the cars stage. How long have your kids been into one theme?


  1. Normally one takes pains to keep one's child free of that sort of licensed-character advertising garbage. Unless Disney is offering you a regular payment to surround him with that sort of schlock and you desperately need the money, steer clear. Have a browse through http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/ , re-consider exposing a growing mind to manipulative merchandising.
  2. The cars theme isn't extremely babyish and your son might like it until he is 5 or 6. At that time, you can decorate his room with a sports theme that will take him into his teen years.
  3. From my experience they love it til the next great movie comes. Within the past year my son has switched from cars to toy story and my daughter switched from spongebob to tangled.
  4. depends on the design i guess.
  5. I would just get him a standard bed and a cars doona/quilt cover and sheet set instead. Instead of having a disney cars theme you could have a transportation theme instead. That way he could be about 7 or 8 before you need to change things up. Here are some ideas http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tNWALhTXEo4/TeMe0JVpI3I/AAAAAAAACXs/HU4qB2Yhui0/s1600/DSC_2338.JPG http://i2.squidoocdn.com/resize/squidoo_images/590/draft_lens6121082module48383382photo_1248646355Boys_Room_Transportation_Theme.jpg http://www.thebeanbagstore.com/furniture/Nascar%20Double%20Dresser.jpg
  6. TO be honest with you, I cant say. I got my room "Lion King" themed when I was 2-3. I changed it when I was 8, when we moved, but I still kept the comforter, and still use it to this day (im 19) :P My sister is 8 and still wishes she had her princess room, but my 13 yr old sister wanted to make it more teen-ish, so Im making my 8 yr old sister a little mermaid painting for her wall... I would say it SHOULD last until he is 9-10...