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Do your kids' rooms look like those in magazines and interior decorating books?

I've found that even after all the painting and decoration and accessories, my kids' rooms don't look much like those in interior decor books. I am talking about the books with simple ideas for regular people on an average budget. The kids and I decorate/plan together, and we are very happy with the end results, but the rooms just look ordinary. So, does your kid's room look like those in magazines and interior decor books? Or, does it look nice but "ordinary"?


  1. Neither. They typically look like the scene of a natural disaster.
  2. HA!! Not in the slightest LOL!!
  3. ordinary. of course the rooms are going to look good in the magazine! my daughters room is all color coordinated, but of course it doesnt look all neat and tidy like the magazine, because she has toys she plays with and etc.
  4. Well, they are coordinated (not obsessively, but to a certain extent) and look super cute and nice. We put lots of time (and an average amount of money) into them...but I would not say they look like one out of magazine. But you know, pictures can be taken to skew the look/view of things...so maybe with the right photographer....lol
  5. A few of the families I have worked with have had amazing kid rooms that could be from a magazine. If your entire house looks like a magazine, chances are your child's room will, too. If your own home looks "ordinary," the likelihood of pulling off a magazine quality child's room is probably not any better than your non magazine style living room. Just be glad your kids can express themselves in their rooms. That's half the fun!
  6. Have you noticed that all the toys in the interior decorating books are brand new? So are the books. My kids room might look like one of those books for the first day if I had the right lighting. But the first time she sleeps in the new sheets, or opens a book, or plays with a toy, then there goes the decorated look. There are professional photographers taking those pictures, and they know how to show that room to its best advantage. Make it so the light hits it just right to show off the boldest colors and the whitest whites! Someone even sets out the little cubby holes in a tilted position to make it look "played with" but only a little bit. No child is going to set the toy box lid at that perfect 45 degree angle the way they do, our kids will just set it in willy nilly crooked, and there goes the look. As long as my daughter likes it, and it is clean, I do not worry about how it looks.
  7. As long as you and your kids are happy with the results, thats what matters. My kids room probably do look like they could be in an interior decor magazine. I enjoy decorating (its a hobby, not a profession) and I particularly enjoyed decorating my kids rooms. I let them have some input (my daugther just wanted lots of pink, my sons wanted superhero theme) and then I just went from there. I find its the accessories and window treatments that really pull a room together. Anyways, like I said, its a hobby for me, I look at a lot of catalogues and magazines and copy looks I like. As long as everyone is happy with teh room though, that is what matters.
  8. My kid's rooms are coordinated but defiantly do NOT look like something out of a magazine. They look nice but yes they are ordinary kid rooms.
  9. In my dreams, yes, in reality NO. Sorry, but I'm not about to go spend $200 on a rug for a kids room much less $2000 for a bed or shelf system and other such stuff. My son's room looks nice, has a shelf bin system for toys to keep them organized as much as possible in his room and he has a theme- railroad, that is coordinated with the sheets, pillows and little accents, but other than that, no. Not even close. I find people that have magazine type rooms either have nothing else to do or they have more money than they know what to do with. In the real world for most middle class and working class families, a theme with some accents is about as good as it gets. Just once I'd like to see a magazine highlight clothing, rooms and accessories from places like Target, Walmart and the like rather than designer stores. You can't covince me that the $80 toddler sweaters and outfits are any better than the ones you could pull together for $20 some where else...
  10. I wish my kids' rooms even looked ordinary! LOL, I have disaster in their room. When we do start out tidy our rooms would be ordinary I guess. Maybe it's just the plain boxy shape of the room...or just the small amount of window light, I'm not sure. I do try and do something nice because it is their space and it should be nice for them. It is cool or usable but just plain!
  11. My parents went after a room that looked great on an interior decor mag. This was for my younger brother. But after a couple of weeks in that room, he started complaining. I guess if you and the kids are happy, that is all you should care about.