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How to decorate a livingroom/dining room wall?

We have split level home. When you walk in there are stairs going down and stairs going up. Upstairs there is a banister to the left of the stairs where the living room is, and then straight ahead is a partial wall separating the living room from the kitchen. But the other half, where the dining room is, it is open to the living room. There is one long wall that the dining room and living room share. In the living room we have an entertainment center and then a reading chair. But the wall is huge, and I love pictures and decor and it just needs something. How do I decorate this huge wall without it looking funny? I like the idea of the picture wall. that was my idea to begin with. But my fear is that if I keep the collage to the dining room side of the wall it will look weird and cut off, but if I extend the collage to the living room side that that may also look funny because it IS two different rooms??


  1. It depends on how large your entertainment center is and with what pictures you have to hang. You can go eclectic, contemporary, traditional....whatever suits your needs. What style is your entertainment center?
  2. hi, what about doing a collage of framed pictures/photos which would give you lots of space to show off the latest family photos etc. just type collage of frames ideas on a wall in your search bar, hit your 'images' button and search and you'll get tons of photos. or if you find that too busy for your space then what about a large mirror on the wall. that would bounce your light around and give you lots of sparkle. \ check out this website....they have great ideas/photos. its an easy site to maneuver through. I think you'll find lots of ideas there. good luck!
  3. you could try a 1. A picture collage wall with both pictures and different objects. 2. Leave it blank but paint it a different color as a feature wall 3. Use both pictures and wall sticker(s) to tie the room together ( See www.thingsforwalls.com for wall stickers) 4. Shelves running the full length of the wall 5. A chalkboard wall 6. If there is space put things in front of the wall as well like a sitting chair, a lamp, a big vase etc
  4. Here is a page with some really great wall decor and wall quotes, some are quite large and really do look beautiful. They are easy to put up and come off easily. It's a great and inexpensive way to add a lot of interest to a wall. Something to consider. The author has several great home decor articles that have other ideas in them as well, if you click on the writers name a long list of articles will come up - many are home decor pages, also worth checking out.