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Kids Wall Murals Questions Answered!

  1. What are the best paints to use on a wall mural?

    i am hopefully going to be given the opportunity to paint a mural for a daycare center and i was wondering what kinds of paints are usually used for wall murals. Also does anyone have any ideas for a mural in a daycare. im an art education major and i work with kids this age, but i would love other's opinions. Thanks... and if u have specific names of paint brands that will be friggin awesome! thanks :D

  2. Where is the best place to buy kids wall stickers with free shipping?

    We are looking to decorate 2 rooms, and want to shop with free shipping, does anyone know where to get kids wall stickers online?

  3. How can you make your own mural for a kid's room?

    I want to do my son's room in spongebob but I don't want to pay $500 for wall murals. I want the bigger ones, not little stick ons. Is there a way to print out outlines and make a mural out of it? Any suggestions are appreciated!

  4. I paint wall murals-NW Louisiana area. How do I get the word out to new communities in Shreveport Bossier?

    I paint kids room murals and hand painted bulletin boards. I would love to get the word out about my work to some of the newer communities that are popping up around the Shreveport Bossier area. (like The Colony...etc) I have 3 young kids at home so I don't have a lot of money to advertise. I've painted in similar communities as far away as McKinney, Texas. Word of mouth is usually the best advertisement for me. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Check out my photo gallery at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kristy_art/my_photos

  5. Can one paint copies of Disney Characters on walls as murals?

    I have a friend who copied some Disney characters onto my kids bedroom wall. They're so good I think he should do it professionally. He can obviously copy just about anything, but says he isn't much good doing his own work. We suggested he approach hospitals and schools to see if he could paint cartoon characters on their walls, but aren't sure how to find out whether or not this is an infringement of any copyright laws. Obviously don't want to do anything illegal. This is in the UK by the way.

  6. what exactly is a wall mural?

    i've seen some for kids room, what is the material and is it difficult to place it on the wall?any experiense?

  7. Does anyone else remember Mcdonalds when it was like this? Any photos?

    I remember going to the Mcdonalds in my area when I was a kid; the walls were all decorated with a big colorful mural of Mcdonalds characters like the hamburger guy, and the decor and furniture was more "diner" themed. I went into the same Mcdonalds recently and it's all minimalist and modern and stylish. Does anyone else remember Mcdonalds how it was before, or was that just the one in my area? ALSO, where can I find photos of the old Mcdonalds? Just curious and feel like a trip down nostalgia lane.

  8. I'm opening a Children's Entertainment center but don't know how to pick a good wall color palette to use.

    I'm opening a children's play center (uptownplayaround.com) and have meticulously designed the entire facility (myself) with high-end features and ordered beautiful one-of-a-kind play structures but I can’t decide on what colors to paint my walls. Aside from a mural, where can I find this kind of info? It’s not in my budget to hire an interior designer to pick my pain color, nor do I want to get advice from a 18 year old kid at Home Depot

  9. Can you make a living selling art work or doing murals kind of thing?

    I am thinking of doing art for a living. I do not want kids so I do not need money other than for myself. I am 18. I am also a massage therapist and thinking about physical therapy, kinesiology, or chiropractics but I think that a life of an artist would be much more relaxed. I can always go back to college too if I change my mind anyway is there anyone out there that is currently or has done this making a living on art work?

  10. what is the best paint to use on a wall for murals?

    I'd like to paint something in my home but I'd like it to be kid safe, easy to clean and not so smelly. Help plz. =) Thanks