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Wall Art Decals Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find a Toy Story themed bedroom set?

    I'm looking for a website that has bedding, wall art (decals, stickers, murals) and any other toy story themed items that would make the room look good. Ideally I want to include characters from Toy Story II with Jessie and Bulls Eye. I've found a couple things here and there but nothing that would turn the entire room into this theme. Help please!

  2. Where can i find a comforter set like this?

    http://themeroomideas.com/oriental/Japanese_Kanji_Lettering_Peace__Love__Health_Wall_Art_Decal_Sticker_mural_words.gif Actaully here http://themeroomideas.com/oriental/asian-theme-bedroom-decorating-ideas.html Scroll down a little bit until you see the green accented room with the 3 art decal on it. Thank you!

  3. How can I permanently secure re-positionable wall decals to the wall?

    I bought a kit of repositionable vinyl wall art, but I don't want my kids pulling it off the wall. Can I put a spray adhesive on the top of it that would prevent them from removing it, or will I need a few coats of something clear to seal in the art?

  4. I need ideas for cool wall art for a kitchen?

    I have an open kitchen/dining area. I want large wall art and something colorful. What are some good suggestions or links? I don't do the flowers, fairies or girly stuff. I like industrial and clean modern or something funky. It can be neutral with a wall that is an accent color or I can go colorful all over. The appliances are stainless and black. The cabinets are a neutral toned wood.

  5. Good places or website for nice wall art?

    I'm looking for a good store (in Louisiana: new orleans, metairie etc) or online store that sells nice paintings, pictures, wall art etc. that's not too expensive. Thanks not like posters or sports team things this is for an adults living room

  6. Where can i buy stickers from in the UK on the high street?

    Random question, im looking for some stickers/ decals that i can stick on my luggage. They need to be from a shop though (UK) as i need them ASAP, so i cant order them online. Maybe even some wall art stickers that i can adapt. Any one have any ideas? Thanks

  7. where can I buy good wall decals in a store (not online)?

    i can only find decals online (and i hate online shopping). I'm looking for a huge dandelion or those very popular birds if you have any other recommendations please leave them too. I am mainly looking for a store (in Chicago!!! or near by) Thank you

  8. Where can I find wall art of yoshi with three separate eggs?

    I remember seeing it in a youtube video. A picture of yoshi was hanging on the wall with three separate yoshi eggs behind him. All I can remember is that the background of all of them were a light blue.

  9. Where to get peel n stick wall decals in Singapore?

    Looking for some nice wall decals to add some life to my home pls help thank u =)

  10. where can I get a wall decal manufacturer and canvas printers?

    I am a designer and I am looking to make wall decals and stretched canvas art of my designs. I am trying to avoid going overseas for printing. Does anyone know of any good printers who provide the services that I just mentioned? Google is giving me a headache with the information. Too much filtering to do, so I tnought I will ask here. :)