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Kids Room Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Do your kids' rooms look like those in magazines and interior decorating books?

    I've found that even after all the painting and decoration and accessories, my kids' rooms don't look much like those in interior decor books. I am talking about the books with simple ideas for regular people on an average budget. The kids and I decorate/plan together, and we are very happy with the end results, but the rooms just look ordinary. So, does your kid's room look like those in magazines and interior decor books? Or, does it look nice but "ordinary"?

  2. How fast do kids usually grow out of their themed rooms?

    I need to get my 2 year old a bed and was thinking about doing a disney cars theme. Before i went crazy and spend money on room decor and a cars bed, i just wanted to know about how long kids usually stay interested in stuff like this. My son LOVES cars, but im afriad hes going to grow out of the cars stage. How long have your kids been into one theme?

  3. Where can I find black bear kids room decor?

    I have a rustic, log style home and want to decorate my son's room in black bears....I am finding all kinds that would be ok for adult's room but need something cute for a smaller child. Any advice?

  4. What color should I paint my computer room?

    It is a small room , we put a computer desk/shelf combo, added a small loveseat,a filing cabinet to hold , and going today to buy another entertainment center . (we are removing the kids border of course) (the one we have is too large, and the t.v. is old,,and we don't use the reference books , and the kids never play the games, nor watch the movies....) So, I want to make this room,,,more updated, w/ a warm feeling. I thought about a different taupe that is on it now,, I want to make it comfy w/out having a theme per say.. I thought about adding palm tree decor but will that go out of style soon? Should I flow my living room decor into this room? ( tuscany style/ slate tables, iron decor)

  5. Where can i find a room lamp for a snowboard themed room?

    I'm looking for a lamp for a kids room snowboard themed. All i could find is one 7.5 inches high. I'm looking for one a little bit bigger. Thanks

  6. Where can I buy a comforter like this?

    I'm redoing my room and I found this pink comforter I really like. Here is the link http://www.bhg.com/rooms/kids-rooms/teen/personally-styled-tween-rooms/ It's so simple and cute and I'd really appreciate if someone knew where to find one like this. Thanks x.

  7. Frustration shopping for kids bedding?

    I would like to begin planing my 3 year olds room decor before the baby comes. I thought I'd start with the linen and go from there. I've encountered 2 problems. The first being that the crib converted into what is now his double bed. Full sized linens for kids, however, is hard to find. The other problem is my son LOVES trains, but I cannot find train themed linen other than Thomas which only seems to come in single. I've even look at fabric stores - I'm lucky have a sister who sews - but no luck. Any suggestions of where I should be looking or applications that I should try to immulate my own linen pattern? I'm in Canada FYI.