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Dining Room Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How to decorate a livingroom/dining room wall?

    We have split level home. When you walk in there are stairs going down and stairs going up. Upstairs there is a banister to the left of the stairs where the living room is, and then straight ahead is a partial wall separating the living room from the kitchen. But the other half, where the dining room is, it is open to the living room. There is one long wall that the dining room and living room share. In the living room we have an entertainment center and then a reading chair. But the wall is huge, and I love pictures and decor and it just needs something. How do I decorate this huge wall without it looking funny? I like the idea of the picture wall. that was my idea to begin with. But my fear is that if I keep the collage to the dining room side of the wall it will look weird and cut off, but if I extend the collage to the living room side that that may also look funny because it IS two different rooms??

  2. What's the new color trend in kitchen/dining room combos?

    I'm ready to redo my kitchen/dining room combo. Currently I have sage green walls, leaf decor. Cabinets are neutral maple. What is a new color trend to redecorate with?

  3. What wall should be my accent wall in the dining room?

    My kitchen, dining room and living room are in a U shape and I have picked out a taupe color from Ralph Lauren (devonshire is the name) to paint all 3 of the rooms. I would like to to do a red accent wall in the dining room to help make it pop. I just don't know how to pick the wall to paint. I was thinking the one wall that the kitchen and dining room shares or maybe better to do the one that the living and dining room share. Anything to make things look bigger and pop. Any ideas! I guess I should have said that also we are putting in harwoond flooring in the dining room and living room that is a medium oak color. Does that change which wall to choose.

  4. What kind of room decor goes with blue and white plates?

    My dining room needs some serious redecorating, but there is a display of blue and white plates on the wall that must stay. What sort of colors/themes goes with these plates? I have white walls and navy curtains right now, and while that matches, it is hideously boring.

  5. How can you make purple and red sponged walls work in a dining room with Arabesque decor.?

    All other rooms in my home are cream with beige tile. Most have either red or purple accents. The dining room is situated in the middle of the house. I figured combining the two (red, purple) could be dramatic, maybe even a Moroccan flair. I know this could go beautifully well or tragically wrong. Any suggestions? I have yet to pick furniture so it's an open canvas. Much of my artwork is black with gold accents. The floor is a neutral beige ceramic tile.

  6. What accent colors would go well in a living room with a black futon?

    I would like to decorate my living room. Right now the furniture that I have is a black futon, black end tables, and a dining table with chairs with blue upholstery. I also have a dark green chenille blanket throw. I would like to use blue as one of the accent colors (i.e. with throw pillows or wall decor or something like that). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what colors would go well together with the furniture I have right now?

  7. Decorating maroon wall with photographs: what color scheme should I use?

    Recently I was asked by a family friend to help decorate her dining room with maroon colored walls, using some photographs I've taken. She would like two pictures alongside each other in the room. I'm wondering whether I should go with color or black and white. If color, I was thinking of a yellow flower surrounded by green and with slight red/orange tones. Or any other green nature picture to contrast with the red. My other option is going black and white because the room is already so saturated with color in the maroon. Any ideas? Also if you have experience, what subject would be appropriate? Thanks so much in advance! :)

  8. I am painting the walls of my kitchen and dining room oatmeal.(Valspar signature color) See below?

    I have hardwood floors and plan to paint the baseboards white of some variation. Do you have any wall/decor/window treatment suggestions to break up the color? I have zero color coordination. I used this color because it kept getting my attention and because I am tired of white or off white walls.Thanks.

  9. how can you decorate a plain wall?

    I have just a plain wall in my room, ive been looking up DIY wall decor but cant fund anything cute, please give me ideas. Like I could gover the whole wall with things ive cut out of magazines. Btw I live in a trailor so i cant paint the walls.

  10. What's the best color for a dining room?

    My dining room is red, and I mean red, and I hate it! Red is one of my fav colors for clothes, but not for a room. The room was like this when I moved in with my husband. If I had a say so, it would have been a different color. I was just wanting some opinions. The theme is going to be Tuscan. Any ideas of colors or textures and decor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!