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Bathroom Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. does anyone know where I get get mosiac flat pieces from to decorate my bathroom wall?

    I recently painted my bathroom wall and it looks a little boring as it is in magnolia. I therefore want to jazz it up a little- any ideas? If not, then does anyone know where I can buy some CHEAP mosaic flat pieces from that will be easy to stick. And also what to use to stick these pieces as it will be in a bathroom i.e- humidity etc...

  2. Where is the cheapeast place to buy home decor?

    Hi, I will be a law student this fall and I am looking for a cheap place to buy home and bathroom decor such as bathroom rugs, wall mirrors, etc. Bed Bath and beyond, target, wal-mart, Michael's, TJ Maxx?

  3. What exactly does reasonable cleanliness mean?

    I was just curious and spent 2 hours searching the web, but with no success. What exactly does it mean to have a reasonably clean home? My place is cluttered but clean( by the definition of the word) and it is also sanitary as I wipe everything with Lysol Wipes since being pregnant has made me into a germ freak( I carry sanitary wipes in case I need to use a bathroom outside my home) So even if my place is messy and unorganized ( we are in the middle of packing) as long as it is clean and sanitary that is enough correct? I decided to look up reasonable cleanliness since we got new landlords who are targeting us since they don't like us. And on the eviction notice( which the Landlord and Tenant Board told us to fight) one of the things listed was a breach of Good and Proper Care of the Unit, we got permission from our previous landlord to hang wall decor like pictures and mirrors on the walls when we signed our lease 3 weeks before we got new tenants so they can try to get us on that but will fail, but the section of the Proper care of unit they are talking about might be the lack of reasonable cleanliness. Legally is a cluttered home considered a breach of reasonable cleanliness? We are fighting the eviction and want to be sure that clutter does not count as filth. Since the rest of the terms of our eviction will not stand up in court. We want to be sure about the cleanliness. Our clutter is not in any ones way the clutter in on top of out desks, coffee table, and shelves. The only things on our floors are boxes and not that many. If I can blindly run for the closest garbage or toilet when my morning sickness hits then there is no fire hazard. Our Residential Tenancy Agreement and the Residential Tenancy Act both say nothing about clutter. We want to know if clutter is considered FILTH. I also read the Alberta Health Regulations and Standards for living spaces.... I found nothing on clutter. Our new landlords dislike us and are using this eviction to target us. Canada Services advised us to fight it via an Objection to Eviction. We told them all the terms and they told us none are valid, but I would still like to find out if the law considers clutter to be FILTH since I am having difficulty finding that information.

  4. Ideas for redecorating my bathroom?

    I have tiles in my bathroom walls over my bathtub and shower, any other ideas for what I can put there? And something that is easy to clean?

  5. how should i decorate a small bathroom?

    and i mean very small... should i use a print or solid shower curtain, how much wall decor (if any), etc, etc

  6. Does anyone know where I can look at some vintage pin up girl inspired bathroom pictures for ideas on my BR?

    I'm thinking of decorating my small bathroom around vintage 1940's pin-up girl wall decor, but I want to keep the rest relatively simple, sophisticated and not too frilly. I'd love to see some pictures of the same theme to get ideas for my own. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!!!

  7. I have to walk through bathroom to get to my bedroom, How to solve it in Feng Shui?

    I live with my sister and she built more room upstairs behind the bathroom and a new room happens to be my bedroom , I have to walk through the bathroom. How can I solve it in Feng Shui way? Should I put anything in the bathroom?

  8. Is it a bad idea to use my graduation money to do a room makeover?

    I have a small room and I already have curtains and bedsheets that are nice. However, other than the curtains and bedsheets, nothing in my room has ever changed besides the removal of stuffed animals. I still have a kiddie lamp and the same type of furniture but I don't have a desk or table to do stuff in my room other than sleep. I really want to buy maybe a glass table to put in my room but since it's a small room it may require taking out one of my drawer furniture. My parents say I can't buy new dressers or anything because they spent a lot of money on them when I was little (and I suppose they aren't TOO kiddie) but I just want a change.. They said if I must take out the dressers and stuff they will just find a place for it somewhere else in the house. So far I have $500 in total of graduation money. Plus $500 in the bank. I'll be staying at home for college for the next 4 years. So I was thinking of painting my room a green shade, buying a few decor (maybe a lamp, glass table desk, some stringing lights, and some wall decor). And also to redecorate my bathroom. @Doll - You're also a Junior in high school (well, going to be one) and I too had a crappy room throughout my childhood and high school as well so maybe it's nice to have a little change and to update your life once in a while. Esp. since college is starting for me and since I'm already saving $8,000+ on NOT staying in a dorm at college, I think the least I can do is redo my room a little. But idk.

  9. What are some unique ideas for decorating a bathroom with a hotwheels theme?

    I am redoing a bathroom in our house with a matchbox car/ hotwheels theme. I am trying to come up with some really creative ideas for incorporating this into the function of a bathroom. Most creative wins! BeeBee: i would love to see some drawing but you can't seem to be "contactable", perhaps you could email me?