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Wrought Iron Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What color should I paint my walls?

    I'm moving into a small one bedroom apartment. I have a navy blue couch and wrought iron wall decor. My entertainment stand and TV are black. I've never been much good with decorating, and I want to come up with some creative ideas. What colors on my walls would match my decor? I also need to pick a color for the bedroom. I've decorated my bedroom with red jewel tones and shiny beige fabric. If I added an accent wall, what two colors would you suggest?

  2. What colors should I paint the cabinets and walls in kitchen?

    We have ceramic tile floors that look like stone in a pinkish-grayish-beigish color and the counters match. One wall is a brick fireplace (standard light red color), ceiling is pine with dark wood beams. Cabinets are currently light oak that matches the trim ...and (finally) we have wrought iron accents that we want to keep (hardware and decor). HELP...I want to tone down the pink of the counters and floor

  3. Ideas for Changing 80's Style Country Home to a Rich Tuscan or Mission Style on TIGHT Budget?

    House is currently 80's country. The woodwork is lt golden oak, white cabinetry & shiny hardware, shiny brass glass fixtures - my style is Tuscan, darker woods, marble, iron, rich earth tones. Mission also appeals to me, again, medium to dark woods, black iron, ect. I am repainting the entire interior - walls & ceilings - that's already in the budget & is top priority. I'm thinking a shade similar to latte but w/ a neutral to slightly warm cast to it due to the woodwork. I want to incorporate as much antique looking black accent as possible, I love the old look & I have a lot wrought iron decor pieces. For furniture, I'm thinking leather, classic medium brown leather sofa/chair, need to find a dining table that is that lt wood, hopefully with some black iron accents. The LR has a stone fireplace, though it's grey instead of tan which seems odd to me. Very tight budget - suggestions to incorporate my tastes into this home? Photos for ideas? What type of hardware would you suggest? Repainting the cabinets, as much as I would love to, isn't really practical right now. I can't afford to have them done and it's just not possible for me to do them myself at this point in time & have them look nice. What about window treatments? I'm a "less is more" person. I'd like matching iron hardware on all the windows but not sure what kind of curtains I want. There are bright white wooden blinds on the bedroom windows but not the living room/dining room. Privacy wise, I'm ok with sheers though ... Color suggestions? I also really like plants and am thinking some hanging drapping type plants in front of the large dining window (which faces back yard) would add a degree of privacy but not block too much light and view. I saw some pretty wroung iron hangning pots that were inexpensive. I just don't want to go overboard with the black.

  4. I have a room with almost fire engine red carpet.?

    I collect M&M figures so I thought it would be kinda cool to paint the room in primary colors with the carpet being red obviously with the 4 walls in blue, green, yellow and orange. What do you think is that too many different colors? This room with be used mainly as a home office. All of the furniture in the room is black, wrought iron and all of the decor in the room, will be M&M figures, etc of the various primary colors. What do you think? ok my bad primary colors of blue and yellow with secondary of green and orange

  5. What color to paint my livingroom dining room kitchen open floor plan?

    I just purchased a house in Mexico that has an open floor plan. Kitchen and living space open with a partial rock wall defining the dining area off the living room. Builder used lots of brick, stone, (set in gray cement) and huge wooden beams over the counter separating the kitchen and living room.(I have hung my stem glasses on lattice,attatched to the beams, and an iron hanging pot rack from the beams) The ceilings are very high coming to a pitched point at the top as the house previously had a palapa (palm leaf) roof The color now is a dark taupe and all walls are a swirly, pitted,bumpy cement finish. As it is now..it appears dark and dirty even with the high ceiling and lots of windows covered with black wrought iron on the outside. The use of sooo many different elements, red brick,stone (yellows,grays,beiges,they are actually big flat rocks!), wooden beams, stones framing the doors and the partial wall ..all stone..make it a definate challenge! Any and all ideas..WELCOME Thank U

  6. Is there a special nail to hang items on exterior stucco walls?

    I am decorating my screened-in porch. Only the front part is screened, the other walls are stucco, like the exterior of the house. I have some wall decor to hang: a lightweight wooden trellis with a silk wisteria vine, a wreath, a lightweight wooden sign, and a heavier "Welcome" plaque. Nothing is heavy. Is there a special nail, hanger, or technique to use? I don't want the stucco to crumble, chip, or crack when I drive a nail into it. Suggestions, please?

  7. What color should I paint my walls and what color of curtains should I put according to my furniture?

    The color of my furniture in my livingroom is cherry brown and my couches are black. My floor is a cremish, beige marble. What color should I paint my walls and what color should my curtains be to create a nice combination? Thank you!

  8. What does Craftsman-style wall decor look like?

    I have a Craftsman-style house, but most of my decorating accessories have been carried over from my previous house, which was decorated in a Mediterranean style. I want to get away from that look. My new house has lots of wood floors, wood mantels, and shaker style cabinetry. I am mostly concerned with what to put on the walls for an arts and crafts, mission, or lodge style look. Also, can I still keep some of my wrought iron accessories in the mix, or will they not look right?

  9. What must be a curtain's color and style to go with varnished wood walls?

    My family lives in an old and beautiful home that was built in the 60's. My sister and I decided that we needed new curtains- and curtains that match. We are having a very difficult time deciding on the color, style and type of the fabric for the curtains because the walls are varnished. PLEASE HELP US! THANK YOU!