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Kitchen Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Does green and red look good in the kitchen?

    My kitchen walls are light green and I want to buy all my items for the kitchen green and red. I love the fat chef kitchen decor which are mainly white and red. To mix it a little, I wanted to also have green items. For example, the clock, floor mat, kitchen towel, canister set, stove burner covers, and other items.Will the two combination look good together??

  2. Any ideas for redoing cushions and curtains for a camper trailer?

    My husband and I are redoing a camper trailer and are looking for ideas to fix it up it's a1972 model. We are redoing the floor and needing to put up a door in the bathroom, retiling the kitchen wall. I've been looking for a web site with any tips to go to.

  3. Kitchen decor- I have a toasted orange kitchen and I want to do a vintage mexican theme, any ideas?

    My kitchen and dining room are open to each other and the walls are a mellow orange the paint was toasted coconut. I wanted to do a vintage mexican theme, I was inspired by a wrought iron rustic looking wine rack we have that looks really good next to the orange. But now I am stuck, mainly on wall decor... help! anyone have a fabulous idea?

  4. Any ideas where I can find cute decorative wall decor for a fruit &wine themed kitchen?

    I have wood panel walls and hard wood flooring and I currently have a Tuscany and fruit type theme. Do you think some of those nice ceramic fruit plaques would look good or is that too outdated?

  5. How much do painters/decorations charge?

    I am planning on doing some work for my landlord next week and want to know how much to charge? The work includes: Repairing some broken plaster on a toilet wall and then painting the room (small room, 1x2m) Repairing a large hole in the kitchen wall, repairing a smaller hole by the door of the kitchen and then probably having to paint the room. Room is about 4x5m If you could please give me a rough estimate I can give the landlord that would be great, even better with a breakdown of costs. Thanks Tom

  6. What would you think of setting animal traps for wall decor?

    I want to put up my collection of spring traps ont he wall, open them up and hang them, I know it might be kinda dangerous but I think it will look cool, after all who would be stupid enough to actually touch them. My friends say it is white trash to do but I think it will add little old country charm to my place, think I should?

  7. What color should I paint my kitchen walls?

    We're redoing our kitchen. Cabinets are oak, counter will be black with brown/coppery splotches. The floor is light tan with darker brown strains. Black and Stainless appliances. Please help.

  8. Picking color for kitchen walls?

    We are remodeling out kitchen. It will have a simple feel but he actual decor will be more vintage inspired. What do you think is a good color for kitchen walls? The cabinets will be a medium brown and the floor is a slate muti-colored tile. When it's layed, one will be a deep blue, 1 a deep green, one a terra cotta, one a deep red, 1 deep purple etc) Deep muted colors. Oh another thing is originally I wanted like a mustard yellow. However all my new plates and stuff are blue so I wanted to pull some blue in in case we opt for the glass doors in the cabinets. I dont want blue and yellow so maybe I shouldn't concern myself with the plates and glasses. Keep the idea coming! Want a color that makes the primary color decor pop off the walls!