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Home Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What's the name of that home catalog details inside?

    okay does anyone know the name of a catalog called home something they sell paintings,wall decor, picture frames ect collections. My mother bought some items from one of those catalog and we broke some of her wall decor. We need to replace it a.a.s.p

  2. Stockbridge Ga home decor stores?

    Are there any good home furniture stores in Stockbridge Ga? (i.e Thrift, furniture, wall decor, etc.) Im not an online shopper. Thanks in advance.

  3. What do I need to make a room in my home Retro?

    I have decided to make a room in my home like they were back in the 70's. I want to change everything in that room (carpet, paint, wall decor, etc) But since i'm only 15 and did not live the 70's, I really don't know what all I need. So what are some things that I can buy to resemble the 70's? Thank you for your help, and Happy new year!

  4. Where can i buy home decoration items for cheap?

    Hello: i would like to buy home decorative items like artificial plants, wall-decors/paints/arts, show pieces, etc... can someone please tell me where to buy these items for cheap or decent prices... i live in Houston... Thanks in advance.

  5. Any tips to designing a Chinese theme bedroom?

    I'm moving to a new home in 3 weeks or so, and this gives me an opportunity to design my room the way I've always wanted. I've always wanted to go for a Chinese themed bedroom, and I'm looking for any tips on how to start with this new project. So If you have any ideas, feel free to tell... Anything from Wall decor, to floors, to furniture is welcome!

  6. How Do I find companies that sell things cheap so that I can re-sell for a profit?

    I am wanting to start a small business. But I need resources for items to sell. I want to sell things like....decorative gardening items: flower pots, plants stakes; home decor: trinkets, wall decor, etc; Other items such as recipe cards, recipe books, candles, etc. How do I find these companies that sell wholesale???

  7. I have 2 stand up locker book shelves and want to put them in use in my home. Can't think of any ideas?

    Want to use them for organization or maybe even wall decor.