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Metal Wall Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Where in Adelaide can I find Metal Wall Decor?

    I'm looking to find a place where they sell different types of metal wall decor for inside the house. I see the odd one here and there but I'm really looking for a shop that has a number to choose from. Any idea's??

  2. Covering metal kitchen cabinets with window film or wall decor product.?

    I painted them a few years back. Stuff was almost toxic, had to leave home for a few days. I've seen window film and wall decor. Has anyone tried this on metal kitchen cabinets? I would like to know before I buy product. I really like some of the designs. Contact paper is out for many reasons! I need to redo all of the cabinets on two walls. Thank you.

  3. Where online can I find metal wall art?

    I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and they had some really cool metal wall art. One I really liked were shaped into wine bottles and glasses. Do you know of a good online store that has neat metal wall art?

  4. how do i hang this type of metal wall art?

    http://www.sears.ca/product/bamboo-leaves-metal-wall-decor/611-000827725-56316401 its not EXACTLY the same as this but similar. its very light, and has 2 hollow holes for im guessing to put a nail in them but what kind of nail?

  5. I would like to decorate my home with best metal wall flower at low price ?

    I would like to decorate my home with metal wall flower Suggest me any online store to buy metal wall hanging and flowers at affordable prices and which also provides me free shipping

  6. I'm looking for rod iron or metal wall decor of a tree about 6 feet tall ?

    I have a empty wall, with a 40 in flat screen TV, and want the tree on the side of it, and the branches going over the top of the TV! Any Ideas?

  7. How can I attach an item to my home without drilling holes in the siding?

    I bought one of those metal wall plaques that are meant to be hung outdoors for garden decor. I live in a place where we are not allowed to drill holes in the siding, but I see people everywhere with them attached to their homes. I asked around at a home improvement store, but they weren't very helpful. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to hang it. I can't use the command hooks with the sticky backing, because it would be too heavy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  8. How do I decorate the wall behind my couches?

    The smaller couch is a reclining love seat, this one to be exact. http://www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com/catalog/product.aspx?group=&category=&id=3150094&ref=product-l And this is the sofa http://www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com/catalog/product.aspx?group=&category=&id=3150088&ref=product-t The love seat isn't center on the smaller wall (about 6ft space), because a small part of it overlaps in front of a small window. So what kind of wall decor could I use to fill the space? Btw, I can't move the love seat over in the other direction because there is a door on the other side. Then the sofa has a big open wall, but to the fall left right there is a thermostat. How I use to have it was a big picture frame with candle holders on both sides of the frame. This idea won't work because the thermostat is direct where I'd put the candle holder. The two couches meet together, like an L shape, leaving about 4ft of unused space open in the corner of the room. I'm thinking about adding an end table and a floor lamp? Any other ideas? I can't add or chair or any other furniture because the sofa and love seat meet at the corner it leaves no walkway to get to the "empty" space. I hope I explained this well enough for someone to give me some tips, any decorating pictures would be greatly appreciated. :)

  9. How do i get stickers off my wall?

    I got these mirrors that were shaped like piece signs, but they were wall decor. It said they were removable, but I can't get it off. I need to repaint my room soon, so I don't care if I ruin the paint. How do I get it off!

  10. How should I hang these paper plates?

    I bought these paper plates that I am planning on using for wall decor, but I don't want to hang them with metal hangers cause that will look overwhelming.any ideas on how else I should hang them?