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Wall Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What kind of dresser is this pic included?

    http://bedroomdesigncatalog.com/chic-pink-and-black-bedroom-wall.htm/chic-pink-and-black-bedroom-wall-decor-ideas Not the bed just the thing around it. I don't know what it's called and I need to order one. Thanks

  2. I'm looking for large brown wall decals or unique wall decor ideas..?

    Must be in chocolate brown! I have a basic idea of what I would like but haven't seen it anywhere and am not sure I can get the shape correct to do a template. So right now I'm looking for either wall decals or UNIQUE wall decor ideas for my master bedroom, but it must be in chocolate brown! Links would be most appreciated! Please and thank you!!

  3. Living Room Decor ideas with Navy Blue Couch and Loveseat?

    Hi.. I purchased a navy blue fabric couch and loveseat with white and blue striped cushions on them. The coffee and end tables are of glass and have black legs. The walls are cream color and I am not allowed to paint them as this is a rental apartment.I had purchased one couch earlier which is a mixture of dark and light brown but i believe that wont match with this couch and love. please suggest me some good ideas for rugs, wall decor etc. Any suggestions appreciated :) Correction - .I had purchased one RUG earlier which is a mixture of dark and light brown but i believe that wont match with this couch and love :) sorry about the confusion. I dont have a set of couches :)

  4. Idea on what theme to decorate a room?

    We just moved into a new house and its WAYY bigger than the last so we have no wall decor! And idea what theme would look really good? Kitchen, Living room, Bath rooms, and Bedroom I think im going with wine in the kitchen but im stuck on all the others. Any ideas?

  5. What wall decors should I hang in my bedroom wall?

    I am a 29 year old single woman. My bedroom is newly renovated and painted. The paint is somewhat peach and my floor tiles are light pink. My furnitures are colored mahogany. I still dont have wall decors because I have a hard time thinking what sort to hang. I like classical look and at the same time I also like the modern look. Please help me out!

  6. Where can I get good room decor ideas?

    is there a website that I can find a ton of room decor ideas. I will be repainting my room soon and buying new bedspreads. I have a royal blue rug does anyone have a suggestion to what bedsets and wall color would look good with that? I really need a website with a ton of good ideas. thanks.

  7. What are some cool and cheap ideas to make my childish bedroom look more like a 9th grader's?

    I want to make it more mature. I'm 13. I wanted to paint it a really light blue and a cream color. I also wanted to have black furniture. Do you have any cheap ideas to makeover my bedroom? Maybe some furniture solutions or cool wall decor. I'm not into one color in particular and I don't want my room to have a theme. Keep it simple with little accents here and there. Thanks!

  8. How can i make my room look indie/vintage?

    Moving house- not sure how big my room will be but probably pretty small. Colour scheme ideas, wall decor etc ideas please?